• Towards GUI latency benchmarking

    I am a huge believer in latency as an important part of UI feel. I am also a believer in optimizing against what you can measure. In this regard I see a hole in the open-source ecosystem: We have no structured ways to measure GUI lag. Lag When I say lag I mean the time between you pressing a physical button on your keyboard/mouse, and a change becoming visible on screen.

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  • Reuters 3000 keypad

    I recently obtained the keypad section from a Reuters 3000 Xtra keyboard. I’m a fan of tiny keyboards like the planck. These keyboards usually don’t have a numpad, so an external keypad is appealing to me. Discovery To start of with we will take a physical overview of this keypad. Both to learn what we have to work with, but also just to document it. Description of the keypad On the outside the first thing that catches the eye are the giant colored MINE and YOURS buttons, quickly followed by the other weirdly labeled and colored buttons.

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